Elysia Life Care Branding and Building! / by Shawn Brown

Vessel Studio recently had the pleasure to work with new alternative medicine and life care upstart   Elysia Life Care.  This pro bono "branding and building on a budget" challenge was well worth the efforts as I am thrilled to help this amazing group of practitioners (one of which is my fiance, Carla Vidor!) realize their vision for a better way of living happy and healthy!  

Vessel Started with the brand identity for the company.  We developed the tagline "Ancient Wisdom Modern Innovation" and allowed that to drive the logo design, which is comprised of subtle simple graphics representing acupuncture and Eastern philosophies.  Here are the first iterations followed by the final results!

Initial development

Initial development

and here's the final logo...

Vessel Studio will be producing a full print package including business cards, letterhead, labels, stickers and pamphlets in the coming weeks.  Here are the business cards.

Part of the brand development also included conceptualizing the new space for their clinic.  We built upon the "Ancient Wisdom | Modern Innovation" motto by incorporating our vision for an apothecary inspired reception area.  This demanded ample shelving for Chinese herbs, tinctures and formulas while preserving space for display and information.  We felt that a chalkboard painted backdrop would be a good start to designing the display wall that balanced itself between utility and display, similar to ancient apothecary design imagery.

Initial design concept

Remember, this project was driven by budget and we had to not only design the shelves with off the shelf components, but also build them ourselves. #DIY!  So we designed the shelves to maximize the dimensional restrictions of plywood and limited waste to only a few sf of material.

back yard progress!

We then felt this would be a perfect project for steel pipe fitting supports as the more industrial component of the design.  The shelves also double as a workstation and small refrigerator cabinet!  

work in progress...

pipe details

40 hrs of work and almost done!