3D Print

3D Prints with Pixel.Build by Shawn Brown

Vessel Studio recently launched a side collaboration with Ben Uyeda focusing on the 3D printed object.  We are developing an ever growing collection of products that aim to improve and personalize the everyday object we tend to take for granted.  We are doing this by providing an open source catalogue of 3D models available for purchase and/or download via our new website pixel.build.  That's right, just pixel.build, forget the .com... that's so yesterday.


Some of the latest pieces include a vase/ candle holder, drink coaster, desk support and wall tile.  Check out the images below and please contact us for more info.  We are very excited about building the possibilities!


Inspired by the organic design of a budding flower with overlapping pedals, the vase insert can be resized to fit any glass and stem.

Doubles as a votive candle holder too.

Prototype will be used as a mold for plaster press mold

Design provides a handle to easily lift the coaster

Small scalable support legs inspired by the Mies column.